Cyber Security at the OSIsoft Users Conference 2017

Blog Post created by Brian Employee on Mar 16, 2017

We are busy preparing for the OSIsoft Users Conference next week. Hoping to see you there, we would like to share the security related activities happening during the conference.  Here are some suggestions for your conference agenda:






2:30 PM

Security Discussion Forum


4:15 PM

Security in Your IoT Networks


2:15 PM

NIST / NCCoE Cyber Security Portfolio – Jim McCarthy


11:30 AM

How to Secure Your PI System: Security Baselining


2:15 PM

Lab: Extending the PI Security Audit Tools to Meet Your Needs


2:15 PM

Lab: Locking Your PI System Without Locking Down Your PI System


2:15 PM

Locking Down Your PI System Without Locking Down Your PI System


4:30 PM

What’s New in PI Security?


12:30 PM -

Cyber Security booth in the Product Expo


In particular, we would like to point out two sessions dedicated to our new security self-assessment tool, the PI System Security Audit tool.


Protecting the PI System against malicious activities and incidental misconfiguration can be a demanding job. Industry standards, support KBs, and system utilities are available to assist, but it can be a challenge to collect, analyze and correlate this information effectively. Armed with all these tools and information, how do you tie it all together to effectively baseline the security of your PI Systems?  How do you evaluate which defenses should be prioritized? 


In How secure are your PI Systems? A primer for PI System security baselining we will explore the best practices to guard a modern PI System and how to get there.  The PI Security Audit Tools are featured as a low effort, repeatable method to acquire actionable information about a PI System that can be implemented based on your operational reality. 


The PI Security Audit Tools are a framework for security configuration auditing of PI System components in the form of a PowerShell module.  The hand-on lab Using and Building the PI Security Audit Tools, a tool to baseline your PI System security that teaches administrators how to leverage the tools, as well as showing system integrators and developers how to take advantage of the extensibility of the framework to meet the unique needs of their environment. 


We are looking forward to seeing you next week,

OSIsoft Security Team