System Hardening and Configuration as Code: PI System Security Activities on Day 3 of PI World 2018!

Blog Post created by hpaul Employee on Mar 27, 2018

There are a couple options to learn about PI System hardening on day 3 of PI World 2018. 

  1. The session Extreme PI System Hardening in developer track 4 at 10:30 AM is a “How-To” session that will take you step by step through hardening a system from the ground up.
  2. The PI System Anti-Hackathon lab on at 1:30 PM is a “Hands-On” session where you can learn about system hardening by experimenting in a sandbox environment with experts to guide you.

Both sessions will make heavy use of the PI Security Audit Tools.  Many are familiar with the audit module of the PI Security Audit Tools, which is used to identify gaps between the current state of a system and best practices.  At PI World 2018, we will introduce the PI Security DSC module which enables PI System administrators to manipulate the security configuration of their PI System components with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC). By leveraging this module, PI System hardening can be implemented in a “configuration as code” paradigm.

Why use DSC for your PI System, you ask?

  • It’s declarative, separating intent, “What do I want to do?” from execution, “How do I want to do it?” This results in:
    • Less complex automation
    • More agility
    • Consistency across environments
    • Functional documentation
  • It’s broadly applicable, allowing you to cover broad scope with the same technology:
    • Use with applications and the underlying OS
    • Establish baselines or harden systems

Want to know more?  Full descriptions for each PI World session below!


How-To: Extreme PI System Hardening (Developer Track Presentation)

High value systems warrant hardcore hardening measures. The PI System resides at a critical junction, communicating across strict network boundaries. Under this paradigm, the PI System acts as a 'safe harbor' for data, defending critical systems by reducing the number of users inside the security perimeter while enabling growth in the number of users getting value from OT data. An application can only be as secure as its operating platform, so this session will start from the ground up. We will establish a solid foundation with advanced hardening measures for the Windows operating system that OSIsoft has collected over many years working with the platform, such as security baselines, PowerShell’s Desired State Configuration, and arcane corners of the Windows Advanced Firewall. With the platform locked down, we will explore application hardening measures built within and tailored to the PI System. Emphasis will be on using the latest technology and tools available to embrace agility and configuration as code. Examples from session demos will be available on GitHub for administrators who want to try them at home.


Hands-On: PI System Anti-Hackathon (PI System Admin Lab)

In this lab you will be served a big, soggy mess of a PI system – it’s your job to whip it into shape, by applying modern security techniques and best practices. You will have some help - handy scripts to identify the security holes are, references, resources, tips and coaching to help you accomplish your task. Participants will earn points based on the amount and the severity of security issues addressed. At the end of the lab, prizes will be awarded to top scorers. Moderately experienced administrators may have an advantage, but participants at all experience levels will learn concepts applicable to their systems back home.


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