Interested in attacking the PI System? Come to S4!

Blog Post created by Brian Employee on Sep 7, 2018

We share this special invitation to the Digital Bond S4x19 ICS Security Conference sponsored by OSIsoft, LLC.


The S4x19 conference is taking place in Miami Beach, January 15-17, 2019.  The three-day event brings together the top researchers, thought leaders and influencers in the industrial control system (ICS) community to discuss advance topics in cyber security and operations technology. You'll find the agenda and other event information on the S4x19 Conference site.  To see previous talks and learn what S4 is about, check out the S4 Events YouTube Channel.


OSIsoft is proud to announce, for the fourth year running, we are sponsoring the S4 Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. The "Killer Robots, Inc." PI System submitted by OSIsoft is designed to be an interactive, fun source of industrial security challenges.  We’ll take a PIe in the face if you don’t learn something new about PI System security.


As a hands-on, "practice by doing" experience, CTF is a proven way to develop mastery of cyber security. The competition also provides a safe opportunity to flip the “evil-bit” to explore where misuse and abuse can turn software against its intended purpose. Open to first-time teams or those with more experience, hunting flags with our subject matter experts on hand provides a unique deep-dive into PI System security.  Those with PI System skills have a distinct advantage in the quest for the grand prize, an S4 Black Ticket, free entry for a lifetime for the S4 event in Miami Beach.


Whether or not you decide to take the CTF challenge, please come and experience the community, join the conversation and learn from the best in ICS security. Also, for those new to ICS security, the S4 ONRAMP Training day is a great way to get started.


As an added incentive, if you or anyone else on your team are able to attend, please reach out to me and receive a 10% discount as a customer or partner of OSIsoft. 


"Good Flag Hunting!" from the OSIsoft Security Advisors.