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PI Event Frames with ProcessBook

Question asked by andytimc on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by Eugene Lee

I’m looking into setting up Event frames in asset framework to trigger an event when temperature goes outside a normal operating range. I am able to build an Event frame inside of PI Systems Explorer, but I don’t understand how to actually trigger the event. It may have something to do with my current versions of software. In the end I’d like to be able to display a table of currently triggered Event Frames inside a ProcessBook display so the user can quickly determine all triggered events. Is this possible with the versions listed below, and if so is there any documentation on this? Would a better options for this be to use PI Alarm Subsystem, or PI Notifications?


Processbook: Version

PI Systems Explorer: 2010 R3(

AF Server: Version