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AF Analytics and time zone adjustments

Question asked by intercap on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by skwan

We monitor devices across multiple time zones. To make sure that we really know when anything happens, all of our servers and interface nodes are set to UTC. This works great as long as we are simply storing data or performing simple real-time analytics. But what if we want to perform analytics that factor in the device local time zone? Suppose, for example, that we are estimating the real-time cost of electricity based on a Time of Use tariff? Unfortunately, AF Analytics does not currently have direct support for time zone adjustments. As a result, one approach would be to write a custom service that reads the data and then looks up the charge per kWH or KW based on the time zone adjusted time of the reading. We've managed to model this directly in AF Analytics - provided we ignore daylight savings time adjustments (we can hack around this problem too - but the result is, well, fairly "hacky").


Does anyone know if there are plans to add time zone adjustment logic, or time zone aware calculation functions to AF?