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How do we implement the equivalent of totalizer class tags using AF Analysis?

Question asked by yracette on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by kduffy


I am currently using a PI totalizer class tag to implement a cumulative volume of material fed through a reactor unit over a set period of time.

The reactor unit in question uses catalyst that needs to be replaced after 'x' years e.g. 5 years. When the catalyst is changed, I get the totalizer tag reset to 0.

Then, on a daily basis, I get the PI totalizer to update based on the total volume fed through the unit for the last day. That way, my totalized volume ramps up until reset.

What I do not want is to extract the total volume since day 1 to now which could be multiple years of data extraction. I also want to report daily on the cumulative volume to date. This is why a totalizer tag works well for me.

Any idea on how I can implement the equivalent of this into an AF analysis?