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Question asked by kab23 on Mar 15, 2016
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We faced a problem today while fetching historical data for a tag for my client and that resulted into an error (-2147467259) . I understand that this is a DCOM error and few posts on google indicate this happened when "trying to add items to OPC Server", but that doesn't seem to be our case (since OPC::GetServerHandles() worked fine)


Pardon me if this is a wrong question to post in this forum, but with respect to OSI PI, I'm blocked and cannot make any progress on the analysis of the issue. My immediate reaction was to see if OPC tools could help me and i'm pursuing that with my client, but any other pointers of what could possibly go wrong would be very helpful. This error occurs consistently on very specific tags. For the other tags, the OPC::read() works just fine.