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How to create a current hour average in Processbook like in Datalink?

Question asked by BasicWorker on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by BasicWorker

In datalink I can calculate the previous hour's average that updates and stays current


Ex. =PIAdvCalcVal("FQI4100","*","*-1h","average","time-weighted",0,1,0,"ft-historian")


I am trying to get the same thing in Processbook.

I tried creating a data set and selecting average with an hour calculation interval but this seems to only take an average on the hour (or at least it's something different because it's not matching the datalink calc above [doesn't match time average or event average and in the PB details it only shows a calc on the top of the hour]). I'd like to take An average of "current time" till an hour ago and have it update like in PI Datalink. Any help would be appreciated