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PI AF Link subsystem error

Question asked by Aroun on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by cvillanua

Hello, I am working on a PI system that has a AF server and two data server using collective manager. There are 3 machines.

There is a functionnal AF structure and I want to use it with PI ACE. To do so, I try to get my Module DataBase in sync with the AF Database.

I ran the MDB to AF synchronisation wizard on the primary data server. It ran well and ended with this message:


I did the different steps. While starting AF Link Subsystem, I get this error:

[Program] piaflink [Priority] 10 [ProcessOSUser] SYSTEM [ProcessID] 9080 [Severity] Critical

Error determining RootElement: Error during re-migration. Current PI Server Element is different from the previous run. Perform the re-migration steps again.

I tried the solutions explained here:

But I cannot get the service to run correctly.

I will appreaciate your help.

Thank you.