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ProcessBook VBA Use Button to Only Open 1 Layer

Question asked by Mikeconnors on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Mikeconnors

Hi All,


I have a pretty monotonous job which I need some help with to make a little more dynamic. I have one overview page with a list of 25 different locations, each location is a button with a link to a different Display with a list of alerts (a series of digital tags that flash red when 0). each location has essentially the same information on it so I pretty much have to build 25 of the same screen.


What I would like to do instead is to only build 1 screen and have the data update with the relevant information when the corresponding button is clicked. the tags being used isn't in the AF so I can't use Element Relative so I was thinking of just creating 25 layers. So my question is, can you write some VBA code to open a new ProcessBook display but only make visible the layers you tell it to?