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AuditViewer for PI 2016

Question asked by KarpatiDavid on Aug 9, 2016
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I have a PI Data Archive 2016 installation, and I'd like to test the auditing capabilities. Reading through forums I already know, that auditing can be switched on in Tuning Parameters.

My question is: where can I view the created audit log? In PI SMT, there is an Audit viewer... point in the Tools menu, but it's greyed out, not active.


Should I install Audit Viewer separately? What are the system / license requirements? In another thread I got this link:

But I can see only the documentation, no install pack.


I also read that auditing AF requires SQL Server Enterprise edition. Is this true for all auditing?

In general, I'd be grateful for any information / links on the auditing subject, because the documentation doesn't tell much.


Thanks in advance,