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Error Saving Coresight Admin Configuration

Question asked by on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by czhang

Good Morning Ya'll. I am running W2K12R2 with AF 2016, Coresight 2016, and SS 2014. This is a new install I am still configuring. So yesterday I was browsing the Coresight Admin site from the Coresight server using the FQDN. I made some changes to the config and clicked the Save button. What looked like a javascript message appeared saying "An error occurred. Please check the Event log for details. The changes were not saved."


I found three messages in the OSIsoft-PISymbols event log:

EVENT 323 Unable to save changes in configuration file at (username redacted) location; Error: PIServersAllowed.

EVENT 323 Unable to save changes in configuration file at /Coresight location; Error: An error occurred loading configuration file: Access to the path 'F:\Program Files\PIPC\Coresight\vidhsioq.tmp' is denied. (F:\Program Files\PIPC\Coresight\web.config)

EVENT 321 Failed to backup the config file at F:\Program Files\PIPC\Coresight\web.config location. Error: Access to the path 'F:\Program Files\PIPC\Coresight\web.config.backup' is denied. (Username redacted).


I have confirmed I am a member of the local groups Administrators, PI Coresight Administrators, PI Coresight Users, and PI Web API Administrators. I also went into IIS Manager and checked the security permissions for the web site. PI Coresight Administrators and Administrators have full control.


I don't know if this is a coincidence, but a short time earlier I did use PowerShell to backup the IIS Configuration using this command: Backup-WebConfiguration -Name IISConfigBackup


Could powershell have hosed me? How do I recover?