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PI Collective with SSRS report

Question asked by Kaush12 on Sep 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by dwang

Hi ,

I have a query ,Can we connect PI Collective server with SSRS report ? If yes please provide me details step to achieve this?


Primary Historian Server name (HISTORIAN01) Secondary Historian Server name( HISTORIAN02) , Collective name ( Same as Primary Historian server name)


Right now I am using linked server to configure with PI OLEDB provider  (KB01143 - How to configure a linked server with PI OLEDB or PI OLEDB Enterprise ) this article


But it connect only with primary Historian server .after Stopping services of  primary historian server , secondary historian server could not able to connect with linked server as datasouce name is primary server.  i am attaching screenshot configuration of Linked server and Error mesage



error messaage after stopping primary Historian Server


Please help me solve out these issue.


Thanks in advance