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Programmatic data dumps from PI

Question asked by JDiaz on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by JDiaz

Hello all,


I have about 600 rows of 25 tags in a CSV file that I want to pull from PI. I would like to do this through a program as I will be pulling 1 week worth of data each set of tags for auditing purposes. Is it possible to do this in


Is it possible to do this in PowerShell (I would like to use this tool interface, so I can read the CSV file that contains the sets of tags on a separate line), or can this be accomplished in Excel VBA through the DataLink and PIDSK (is there a data limit size that will create an issue)?


I am a seasoned developer in VBA, JAVA, PowerShell, among other languages. I am new to PI and through my looking found ipisql command, but do not know how to implement it, where do I get the table names from? 


Sorry looking for guidance more than anything else, I imagine I am not the first person to run into massive data dumps for auditing, because this will be performed a couple of times, and the number of queries (600); we want to automate the dumping process as much as possible.