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Discussion created by Heather on Sep 26, 2016
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I am relatively new to the PI system. As part of my training I have reviewed the majority of the videos found at: Learn PI . I am now working on putting together a training plan for some of our business users/PI developers and while some of these videos were extremely helpful, I noticed some trends that made following their courses a little difficult and make me reluctant to include them in my training plan:

1. The videos often could have been more succinct. There were many videos that contained helpful information, but searching for it in the video was sometimes time consuming. Occasionally, summaries at the end of the videos were enough to grasp the concepts and basics; I sometimes found that watching the full video was unnecessary.

2. The examples used were sometimes confusing because of their complexity. For example, the Web API examples took two 20-40 minute videos just to set up the project. This is a lot to get through, especially when I'm only really interested in a small snippet of code to show how to use the API. I struggled with a similar problem for the SDK examples and even the ones that use PI tools. (Perhaps just viewing the manuals for these tools would be good advice?)

3. The examples given were often very specific. Especially for the PI tools, an overview of the entire tool would have been helpful. For example, the ProcessBook videos only cover some of the tool's capabilities that were specific to the video's example. The different toolbars/buttons are not well explained in an overview-type format. (Again, perhaps I would be better off directing users to the manuals?)


Don't get me wrong; a good number of the videos are helpful, and the information was enough to definitely get me headed in the right direction. I mean no offense to the makers of the videos and training; these were just some of my observations while going through training myself.


Have those who have completed the training or watched these videos had similar experiences? Are there better resources out there that have been found for training purposes? Perhaps I should've started with a different set of training materials and then moved to these training videos as I was ready for more advance training? (Though for many of the business users/PI developers, just a brief, light overview of the tools they would be using would be enough.)


Thanks so much!