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Unable connect to PI Server 3.4.375.80

Question asked by ywchai on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by wteo

Dear All,


i have problem to connect to a version 3.4.375.80 PI Server. i have added trust for the user and when trying to connect from user's pc in PI Sdk. below is the message pop up in pi sdk


here is some detail of my user

-pi sdk version ( same version with mine and i have no problem connect to same server

-user is in another location and different IP segment with me

-user able to connect to other PI server in his PI Sdk server list

-previously user has no problem with the connection and it just happened recently


below is my troubleshooting works.

1. port is not blocked by firewall cause i can ping, rdp and telnet port 5450 to the PI Server

2. my user can connect to other PI server in the same pc

3. add the trust from PI SMT and try again in piconfig, both are not working

4. edit the existing working trust and also not work

5. add 2 different trust, 1 for hostname, 1 for IP address, still not working

6.restart the PI Server, not working

7. check from PI Server message log, the connection is  deleted after accepted by PInetmgr. refer image below

cont accept.JPG


looking for some help from expert on this connection issue.


many thanks