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Output points not being written in a historian collective environment

Question asked by walazu on Oct 23, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by walazu

I have set up a FactoryTalk Pi Historian SE (v. 3.01.00) in a collective configuration. The historian is writing a few critical output points to some Allen Bradley PLCs using an FTLDInt interface on the network.


During normal running these output points are written normally, however, in the event the primary server goes out of the collective (i.e. shutdown etc.) the secondary server in the collective does not update these output points despite the points being available on the secondary server. The input / polled points from the same interface adn for the same PLCs are logged as usual.


Once the primary server is back in the collective, the output points start updating again.


Please advise what could be the possible issues that don't allow the secondary historian to write the output and possible solutions.


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