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build a weekly report via coresight

Question asked by Charles Zhang Champion on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Kenji Hashimoto

Hello, OSIsoft expert,


Recently, some user want to see the weekly report via coresight on their mobile device. Generally, the display is easily to migirate to mobile.Such as the result which need calculation will depends on the AF or PI performance equation to save the result to PI system. In another words, PI datalink can not move to coresight easily. At lease we need to use the AF analysis to save the calculation result to PI system or use the PE to save the data to PI server. 


I believe OSIsoft customers already raised this requirement before. Suppose we have the Coresight, Webpart,  Process book /Datalink, OLEDB, RDBMS interface and the related development tool. Please give us some suggestion on to move the datalink report to coresight display. 



Thanks in advacne!