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time stamp for last month

Question asked by cekelley81 on Nov 8, 2016
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I am relatively new to PI. I have admins to ask questions to but often times they are busy and this is one of those times.


In excel I created expressions for calculating a totalizer for a value based on today, yesterday and Month to Date. I had help with this spreadsheet so I am not all that familiar with creating the time stamps for data retrieval.

At the top of the spreadsheet I have the date =TODAY()+(5/24)+(10/(60*24))     so for my case it displays in the cell  11/08/2016 05:10  this is in cell E1


Cell C5 shows =E1, Cell B5 show =E1-1  this gives me the total of my PItag for yesterday

How would I do a cell for last month?  Is there special considerations since some months have 31 and others have 30 days?  Maybe I am overthinking