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Substituted Value In Pi Point

Question asked by SujitKodiyatar on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by Roger Palmen

Dear All,


I have created a utility in Dot Net to write data to PI Points, this utility writes data to PI Point at every second, it works properly but at some written values it shows a yellow arrow mark on it in PI Explorer so I investigated it in PI SMT, in that i searched those values in Archive editor there is a check box for substituted value, what does it mean and how can i remove it, because i am not able to just uncheck those check boxes


This is what it shows in PI System Explorer when i go to time series data



this is what it shows when i check that pi point from PI SMT



I am not able to uncheck the checkbox under substituted


what does it mean Substituted ?? Also what is Questionable and Annotated ??