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Is it possible to concatenate a string and an attribute value and then use the result as a reference to another attribute ?

Question asked by ChristianNicolaisen on Dec 5, 2016
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I have a production which can produce several types of products, for each type there is a target "cooking" time, these values are saved on text attributes (not Pitags!).
So they are saved as children of the attribute i want to save to:






I have a tag which holds the type that is actually in production: 'ProductType'


Now i want to write an expression in analytics that writes the target time to my attribute "TargetTime" (this is a PITag):

What i hsve tried so far: (When productType is Type1

Concat( " ' ", "TargetTime|" , 'ProductType' , " ' ")

Text( " ' ", "TargetTime|" , 'ProductType' , " ' ")


They both output the following : 'TargetTime|Type1'

instead of the actual value i want to get which is 185...


If i write  'TargetTime|Type1' manualy i get the value..


And i know i can solve this by simply having one expression for each type, but i have 30 different types and it seems like a waste of time to write 30 times nearly the same thing...


I hope you can help me...