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Coresight showing no data in browser pane

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by Roger Palmen

Sometimes, even having done many deployments and knowing my way around the PI universe quite well, i hit my head against the wall because i can't get things to work...


The case:

  • In my Coresight browser pane, i can see the entries for my PI Data Archive and the AF databases, but browsing or searching below these does not show any data.
  • With the same user account on the same machine:
    • I can access the PI Web API and browse the data
    • The Web API search works too, and databases are indexed correctly
    • I can access both the data in the Data Archive using SMT, as the data in AF using PSE


The situation:

  • 3 VM's on Azure, running Win2012R2
  • Separate AD controller and PI Server (DA & AF), all 2016R2
  • One machine containing Coresight 2016R2 with Web API.
  • Using service account (with kerberos allowed) for Coresight and Web API


Did the install and configuration per install manual. Did this many times before, reviewed it, do not see any obvious errors. Stuck on this one. What am i overlooking? What causes this odd behaviour?