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Access to an attribute value of a parent element for a "weak reference" element

Question asked by jancapelle on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by tmcmanus

Hi all,

we have currently the following AF structure (the screenshot is just an example but the final structure will be much more complex and will contain many other elements)


The hierarchy under "Czech Republic Tech" is the main structure under which are put all elements (Ex: PS045, PS310, PS634).

"Czech Republic Orga" is a logical hierarchy under which the elements are referencing the elements in the main structure with a weak reference. This logical hierarchy is dedicated for some benchmarks between elements.

We are performing some roll up calculations (for example average value of return temperature of all elements contained under "Area Example 1) in the logical hierarchy and the results of these calculations are put in our example in some attributes of "Area Example 1" and "Area Example 2".

If the gap between the current value of the return temperature on an element and the average return temperature for all elements in the area is higher than a defined threshold, we want to generate an event (and capture some values associated to each element during the duration of the event). Consequently, we want to get back for each element the value of an attribute contained in the parent element (for the logical hierarchy where the element has been put with a "weak reference") in order to be able to generate these events.


At this time, in AF, I didn't succeed to access the parent element from a "weak reference" element. Has someone already dealed with this kind of problem and has a solution to get around this issue ?


Thanks in advance for your answers,