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The type initializer for 'OSIsoft.PIDataLink.AFData.Functions' threw an exception

Question asked by Navaneethakrishnan Champion on Jan 2, 2017
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I am getting "The type initializer for 'OSIsoft.PIDataLink.AFData.Functions' threw an exception" in PI DataLink. I have tried in ProcessBook for the current value of tag (which I am doing through DataLink), I am getting the proper response in ProcessBook without any error.


Also tried with SDK Utility snapshot plug in, there also I am able to read the data. I have read access to that PI Server.


Then I tried to see the connection manager through DataLink Settings option, that time I am getting the below error dialog box,



I also tried re-installation of PI DataLink in my machine; but doesn't help still the issue is same.


Earlier it was working suddenly it is not working. May I know the resolution to resolve this?


Have a nice day!



Navaneethakrishnan V.