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Calc Failed when using Analysis

Question asked by PabloSatler on Jan 6, 2017
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so I have several Custom Data References (CDR) that perform calculations using a MATLAB routine. The attribute which the CDR is assigned to works fine on PI System Explorer (PSE). As shown on the screenshot below (blue arrows), it shows the current value on the "attributes tab" and also the Times Series Data correctly, so it's working as expected.




So, my next goal is create an analysis to run on a certain time basis (periodic, let's say, every minute or every hour), storing the calculated values from that routine to a PI tag (PI point), so that we can view it from a visualization tool, such as ProcessBook. However, when I use the attribute that has the CDR (for example, "attribute2", shown in the figure below), what I get as result is "Calc Failed". Though, when I evaluate the analysis as well as when I preview the results on the "analysis tab" on PSE, it works well. 




So, any ideas on how to solve this issue?


Thank you!




Version Information:

PI System Explorer 2016 SP2 32-bit edition

PI AF Server

Matlab R2015a ( 32-bit, and Matlab Runtime of the same version

AF SDK .NET:v4.0.30319