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Corrupted Points in the Primary Archive File (SMT Ver 3.4.375)

Question asked by GanesanK on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by gachen

HI Peoples,


I'm Working on a PI SMT 3.4.375 system project, it's a running system since 3 years, recently we observed that some of 3 Points out of 10 points data is not recording, and it's throwing a error message as "Unable to retrieve the event data from the server, 11002 mismatch header....."


I'm recording 10 points into the PI, out of which 3 points recorded data is corrupted or throwing error message (11002)and remaining 7 points are fine and i'm getting events (time range is same)


The time range which i'm looking for the recorded values falls under the primary archive file time range.

and I'm aware of how to reprocess the corrupted archives in offline and primary files.

My Question here is, Will that Corrupted points will continue in the new/next primary file? (I'm Expecting the new primary file would be generated by tomorrow).


Your answer will help me to decide on reprocessing of corrupted file in primary or old archive files?


Thanks in Advance