How to install PI Data Archive into Docker container

Discussion created by vhavaka Employee on Jan 25, 2017
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Few people recently inquired about deploying and running PI server in the Docker container. Here is a short how-to. Please note, it may not be officially supported or recommended for production. Such a container, however, could be useful to quickly spawn multiple PI server development and integration environments.


1. Follow the "silent install" section in the PI data archive installation guide.

2. Get Microsoft/windowsservercore image from docker hub

3. Create a dockerfile. Here is the dockerfile that I created and used for my PoC:

FROM microsoft/windowsservercore

ADD pi-da2k16r2 C:/pi-da2k16r2

WORKDIR C:/pi-da2k16r2/Enterprise_X64

RUN silent.bat -install

CMD [ "cmd" ]

4. Build the container.

5. Run the container

6. In the container, run the piconfig and reset the Server_AuthenticationPolicy so that you could login to PI server with pidemo, piadmin, etc in SMT.

Please note, Docker containers (at the time of this writing) cannot be made part of windows domains, so making containers authenticate Windows AD accounts, while technically possible (search on the Internet for How-Tos,) in reality is challenging and you would end up with the container that's more like a heavyweight VM than a lightweight container anymore.

7. In the container, run IPCONFIG and write down its IP address.

8. Open SMT on the remote VM (remember, no GUI apps in the container, at least at the time of this writing, and no RDP/terminal services either.) and add a PI sever by the IP from p.7, unchecking "confirm" checkbox.

9. Right click on the server entry in the servers list, choose "Connect As" and provide pidemo / piadmin / etc credentials.


Hope this helps.