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PI AF SDK Scheduled Backfill

Question asked by erikjlee on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by samuelthng

We have a set of AF Elements that have weak references to child elements, and calculation/analysis to roll up the tag values of the child elements into a tag of the parent. We need to control when this analysis runs as the data from the child elements comes in batches at different times during the day. Ideally, we would then run the backfill once we are sure the data from all the child elements is available up to a specified time (again we don't want to run a calculation unless all the child elements data is there), then turn the analysis off until the following day's backfill.


I know how to programmatically turn an analysis ON, but I haven't seen a way to control the backfill of the analysis as I describe above. Is there a way to do this?