Using Substitution Parameters

Discussion created by ygalipeau on Feb 16, 2010
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good afternoon,


is it possible to link an event frame attribute to a pi tag with substitution parameter, base on the referenced elements of the event frame. let me explain: i have an event frame template (reactor run) with the Temperature attribute which is link to a pi tag that use substitution parameters:




now i create an event frame and i see that it is looking for the pi tag: \\ITWKS14\Reactor Run20100216-002.Temperature


where ITWKS14 =  %Server%, Reactor Run20100216-002 = %Element% and Temperature = %Attribute%


I have set a reference AF Elements to Calgary. If i create another event frame base on the same template (reactor run), but i associate Montreal AF element as the reference AF Elements, how can i use this reference AF elements to modify my pi tag with substitution parameters? Basically i want to use 1 event frame template for event frames on multiple units (which mean different PI tag) and being able to automatically look for the good tag.