Recorded vs. Interpolated Values in Summaries

Discussion created by jnissisolutions on Mar 22, 2010
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Is there a way to drop out intervals in a Summary Call that do not have any recorded values?  I would like to use a start/end time span of a month,  calculate Max of Averages within 1 hour intervals but only do that on the 1 hour intervals that have recorded values.  I do not want to interpolate the intervals or use any interpolated data in intervals that do not contain recorded values in the 1 hour time segments.


So if 15 values are recorded during a month I only want to use the 1 hour segments where those intervals were recorded in the max of averages that the summary would do.


The background consideration is that all this is in a process (C# program) that mixes sparse, occassional, hand entered data with continuous monitor based data.