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PI to PI interface disconnect

Question asked by roger.garshol on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by roger.garshol

I have an issue which i'm not able to solve on my own and I hope posting it here will help me shed some light on this issue.


We're transferring data from our companys PI Archive using PI to PI to a client. Our client sent us a query asking why they were seeing IOTimeout on all tags several times a day. Since we couldn't see it on our source tags the likely source was PI to PI interface we have to push data to the client.


Looking in the Interface log I see the following:


The interface disconnects from the source pi server without any more information, looking at the same disconnect on the PI-Archive server (friend-pi1) i see the following:

Sorry for the black blotches, trying to remove any names or IPs from the logs


To try to correct the issue where the pi to pi interface disconnects from the source pi server i've tried the following:

  • Asked Techsupport at Osisoft for assistance. Since the error message is [2] they couldn’t provide any assistance saying this is a problem with the OS or a network issue.
  • Moved our PI to PI server to new host. The Interface installation was moved from physical server to virtual environment at the same time upgraded all Osisoft components.
  • Moved the new virtual PItoPI server on to the same host as the FRIEND-PI archive server to reduce possible network complexity.
  • Turned off firewall and AV, for a period to see if these could be interfering with the PI communication. Didn’t have any impact on the issue
  • Sniffed traffic to see if we could spot why the tcp-session is going stale. No success.


I've spent some hours on this but still haven't been able to find the root cause for the problem or solve it.


Are there anyone else who's familiar these async-read fail  and know how I can correct it?