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Pi Interface For Microsoft Windows Event Log - ExDesc description use - Best Practice

Question asked by FionnMurray on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by tmcmanus

Hi Community,


I am new to the PI world.

Currently I am using Pi Interface For Microsoft Windows Event Log V1.2.0.30.


First of all can anyone recommend windows events to capture both general msgs (shutdown, windows events e.t.c) and pi related messages (msg related to all pi applications and systems)


At the moment for PI events I have for e.g.


     EventType=1,2;SourceName=piaflink,pialarm,piarchss,pibackup,pibagen,pibasess,pibatch,pibufss,pilicmgr,pilogsrv,pilogsv     X64,pimsgss,pinetmgr,pipeschd,pirecalc,pishutev,pisnapss,pisqlss,pitotal,piupdmgr,PISDK,pictrdll


which looks at errors and warnings associated with the specified source names. How can I tell if I have all source names included. I want this tag to report all pi related events that are reported to window. P.S. I am only looking at the application log file but I believe I need to extend this to the system log also or I will use a seperate PI tag for each log application, security, system and the dedicated AF log.


Also I see that I am able to use "Description=<string> case insensitive substring match" as a ExDesc parameter. With this can i create the logic "IF the Description contains the string Service OR Time" send it to PI, as I can not see this in the interface manual


Many thanks in advance.