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AF Event Frame End Trigger on Attribute Duration

Question asked by Ulam25 on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by aljovinj

Hello everyone,


I have an event that has two separate end conditions. These conditions are based on a production attribute called 'ProductionTag' and a best determined practice attribute called 'BDP'.

The current start trigger occurs if ProductionTag<BDP where StartTrigger true for 15 min.


I desire the event to end if...

1) It is 3:30AM or 3:30PM

2) ProductionTag>BDP for a specific duration


Attached is my current end trigger... The 3:30AM/PM is a range of 3:30+1min due to the PI tag only reading every minute, and that connection happens at different times between 3:30-3:31.


Is there a syntax I can use that can satisfy ProductionTag>BDP for x seconds?