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PI AF Server 2016 R2 installation fails with setup return code 1603

Question asked by rblock on Mar 15, 2017
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I saw a similar error reported on a system that was a domain controller, but this is a Windows Server Essentials instance running inside a VirtualBox VM (this is a demo-only system), so it should not have a DC installed.


Steps I took:

Install SQL Server Express 2016 ==> success

Install PI AF Server on same host

- only thing I customized was to change account to the local Windows user which has Admin privileges

=> Fails with error

Installation of PI AF Server 2016 R2 has failed.  Setup return code 1603.  InstallThread Error 1603.

Setup log attached.


I was told ahead of time that Windows Server Essentials would be okay for a demo system.  Could that be related to the install error?