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AFAnalysisService.QueueCalculation - PI Analysis Service is not available

Question asked by MateusAmarante on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by MateusAmarante

Hello everyone.


I'm getting the error "PI Analysis Service is not available" when I try to run AFAnalysisService.QueueCalculation method.


I was able to backfill analyses with Keith Fong's code (GitHub - kfong257/AnalysisBackfill: Programmatically backfill and recalculate AF Analyses, thanks a lot) on the machine where both PI Server and PI Analysis Service are installed.


The code uses AD credentials, then I changed it a little bit to run analysis from another machine using explicit credentials. The connection is established so I can find the elements and the Analyses I want. However, when it runs the AFAnalysisService.QueueCalculation method, I get this error:


"PI Analysis Service is not available."


When I call AFAnalysisService.CanQueueCalculation method, it returns False and outputs the same message.


What may be the problem?


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