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Iterative methods on the PI

Question asked by PabloSatler on Apr 18, 2017
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I'd like to know what are the typical analyzes of the PI System and PI ProcessBook and how I can perform iterative procedures/methods on them.

For example, using a previously calculated value from a routine to perform another calculation on the same routine or even using the returned value on a different routine. I want something like what happens in a filter algorithm (an example). Does PI System Explorer or ProcessBook have some kind of limitations for doing that?

Is there any built-in functions for doing iterative calculations? Do I need to use tags/attributes for storing the intermediate values? Can I generate parameters for using on another routines? Would a custom data reference be a solution?

One of my goals is being able to use such routines to display trends on ProcessBook.


Any ideas or tips on doing iterative procedures on the PI System would be great.



Version Information:

PI System Explorer 2016 SP2 32-bit edition

PI AF Server

AF SDK .NET:v4.0.30319

PI ProcessBook 2015 R2