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PI tags for health checks

Question asked by 529931 on Apr 18, 2017
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Hello All,

We are trying to monitor the health of PI and AF servers through Process book displays. We have created Element Relative Process book displays and mapped the AF attributes on to them.

We have perfom interface installed on our servers and we have created the perfmon tags for  majority of the parameters that we needed.

However we would like to know if we have any possibilities of checking the below functionalities through PI tags.


1. To check the status of all PI sub system services (Started/Stopped). We would like to have a PI tag indicating the status of the service.

2. To check the last modified timestamp for Primary Archive. A PI tag that will show the last modified time for the archive, which should mostly be the current time. This will help us to understand if data is getting archived or not.

3. To check the number of critical errors in PI message logs. A PI tag indicating count of critical error messages in the logs. This count should be 0 in normal conditions.

4. To check the status of ACE modules (Green or Red) from ACE manager.