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AF performance issue

Question asked by GunjanBothara on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by sraposo



We are currently facing performance issues for many AF calculations where we have observed data lag of more than three hours. some of these calculations are of very simple nature ex. outputtag = 'inputtag'.


So far, we have done below troubleshooting:

1. Tried restarting Analysis service which solves issue for some time and then again calculations keep lagging.

2. We have seen few timeout error in logs, so we tried increasing AF timeout from 300sec to 600sec

3.In reference to scheduling part, we tried scheduling it as event triggered - no improvement then introducing offset - again no improvement

4.We checked PI server performance as it happens to be same as AF server, don't see any issues.


Please suggest what can be possible cause for this? Anything else I can try as a part of troubleshooting?