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Copying archives between Pi servers

Question asked by caffreys_col on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by André Åsheim

Hello everyone,


I need a bit of guidance. I've just moved to a 2 piserver/PI-2-PI interface setup as part of a global best practice instruction. Currently the firewalls which separate the servers and Pi-2-PI interface are disconnected. The source PI server is still collecting data, but without the firewalls the PI-2-PI link and the target PI server are left in limbo. The target PI server is running so that engineers can access data from old archives, but I'd like to get the most up-to-date archives on to the target server so the engineers can access the most recent data.


Is it as simple as taking the latest PI archive backups from the source PI server, stopping PI services on the target server, copying the archives to the target server, then restarting the target PI server?? There have been no tag additions/deletions/modifications since the initial configuration of the target server (last week in fact). I'm thinking I might have to copy the DAT directory from the source to the target server but I'm not sure.


Any help much appreciated!