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PI OPC HDA Interface with Matrikon Tunneller HDA Components  ( Not Failing over to Backup  OPC server)

Question asked by Srinivas on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Arpit

Hi All,


We are using Matrikon Tunneller HDA  with  ABB DCS historian . During the testing its been noticed that PI OPC HDA interface is not failing over to backup OPC Server when it is configured via Tunneller HDA SSC. PI message log showing that interface invoking the GetStatus() wich returns operation failed message. Still,  It does not failover to backup Opc server.


So, Tested failover scenario with out Tunneller HDA  after making necessary DCOM settings on the PI Interface node and OPC server  and  everything works  as expected.


Then , to test further, Primary OPC server components  was unregistered on the Interface node (Using Matrikon CSC application) and restarted the Tunneller CSC HDA , then Interface started connecting to backup OPC because Primary OPC was completely unregistered.


Has anyone tested/encountered this kind of issues with Tunneller HDA & PI Interface HDA interface for failover scenario?  I have created techsupport ticket and requested the log files which yet to be sent.


Thought of posting in this forum to understand any solutions /thoughts on this