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Data Archive Backup - why PI Backup and Third-Party?  Why not just let third-party do all the work?

Question asked by TEL1 on Jun 7, 2017
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PI Data Archive 2015 R2

Data Archive, AF Server, Interface Node are all on separate servers (Microsoft 2012 R2)

No collectives or redundancy

<5000 points

<1000 events/sec. (archiving)

Third-Party backup solution is Symantec NetBackup

Fully virtualized (VM)


I have reviewed KB01032 - PI Data Archive Backup Best Practices as well as the System Management Guide.  I understand the basic concept of using PI Backup and then a third-party, in concert. However, the only rationale I noticed for using both methods was performance.  What’s wrong with simply letting the third-party solution backup the files (“in place”) to a remote location?  We’ve not noticed any discernible performance hits.


We collect data 24x7, but our user base only accesses the system during regular business hours. Our third-party backup solution does the backup during off-hours.  We currently do not have any Windows scheduler running a PI Backup task, daily. Only the third party solution.


The backup results in SMT are as follows:

Status – Success

Method - Third Party, COPY, VSS, Component Mode

Duration - ~12 sec.

Duration - ~2000 msec.

Freeze Transition - ~32 msec.


Thoughts on letting third-party do it all?  Will this approach complicate a potential recovery down the road?