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    How send a Notification PI AF SDK ?


      Hi !


      I need some help about PI Notification SDK. In my code I want send a E-mail like showing in the Console (line 06,07). The outputs is only the result from a simple comparation between a constant and the Attribute value. How can I send a simple Notification to some E-mail with PI AF SDK?


      for (int IndWells = 0; IndWells < countWells; IndWells++)
      Console.WriteLine("\nWell Name:" + WellName[IndWells]);
      Console.WriteLine("%Error:" + ErrorValue[IndWells]);
       string Output1 = WellName[IndWells];
       double Output2 = ErrorValue[IndWells];
        AFNotificationContactTemplate testEmail = piSystem.NotificationContactTemplates["TestEmail"];
                              if (testEmail == null)  
                              testEmail = new AFNotificationContactTemplate(piSystem, "TestEmail");
      testEmail.DeliveryChannelPlugIn = piSystem.DeliveryChannelPlugIns["Email"];
                              testEmail.DeliveryChannel.ConfigString = "email@tx.com";
                          // Add a subscription to a notification.