PI Vision 2017: Resources and Q&A

Discussion created by hgunterman on Jun 29, 2017

The latest in PI System visualization is out and ready for you to start using in your organization!

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Check out the resources and FAQ below to learn more!


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Q: Can PI Vision be used with PI Tags, or is Asset Framework required?

A: Yes, PI Vision works even if you're only using tags.  There are many new features that become available through the use of AF, most exciting of which are "collections," but you can still create powerful displays with images, multi-states, and more, driven by tags.


Q:  Where do the event commentaries and attachments go?

A:  Event frame comments are written to the AF SQL Server. The attachments are stored in the AF DB SQL Server as varbinary(max) which is a BLOB.  File size for an attachment is limited to approximately 7.5 MB.  This functionality is available in AF 2016. 


Q:  Can I import PI ProcessBook displays into PI Vision?  What if I have scripts?

A:  Yes, PI Vision has a PI ProcessBook viewer to allow you to show PI ProcessBook displays within a web browser.  The viewer will not work with scripts such as VBA.


Q:  Is it possible to have limits on the multistates defined by AF?

A:  Yes, if an AF Attribute has limits defined in AF, these are used to define the multi-state ranges for that attribute.


Q:  Can I put a lasso around objects to multi-select?  Can I align those objects to grid?

A:  You can lasso and multi-select objects.  There is an "align" option at the top of the browser that you can then use. 

There is no snap to grid functionality currently, but you can vote for the idea in Uservoice: Snap to grid – Customer Feedback for OSIsoft & the PI System


Q:  How does a collection get updated across elements (stencils)?

A:  Every time you refresh the display, it will pick up any new or removed assets that satisfy the collection criteria.  Additionally, you can add filter criteria based on an attribute value.  When filtering based on attribute value, e.g. machine in a bad state, the collection will be refreshed every 5 seconds with all assets meeting that criteria.


Q:  When will manual data entry be supported in PI Vision?

A:  Incorporating manual data entry is part of the long-term strategy to bring bring the functionality of our current client tools into PI Vision.  We are in early stages of development, currently looking at the 1~2 year time frame.  We'll have better estimates near each UC as development progresses.


Q:  You added a comment to the event.  Can I annotate just a single point on the trend?

A: We only support entering comments on events (event frames) at this time.  A possible enhancement to PI Vision is to include the ability to enter comments/annotations on tags and manually edit AF attribute values.

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