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Is it possible to configure PI Interface for OPC DA for synchronous data?

Question asked by Guilherme Ferreira Champion on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2020 by Guilherme Ferreira

Hi all!


I have an OPC Server which only allows v1.0a Protocol, and I am failing to collect data from it with the PI Interface for OPC DA.

Supposedly, I have configured DCOM and every other security parameters as I should, but I still get the "Unable to advise for shutdown notification" error in PI OPC Client Tool.


Due to that error, I can't advise or poll the group of tags, but I can read synchronous data.


So the question is: can I configure synchronous read with the PI Interface for OPC DA?

As I can't poll data with the OPC Client Tool, I assume that polled tags are also asynchronous. Is that correct?