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How to use multiple filter expressions in PI-Datalink?

Question asked by ElizabethDouglas on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by JánosPetró

I have a tag.  Let's call it TagA.  I need to calculate the average over a time interval of 14d when 'TagA'="OPEN"

That's the easy part.  I have four more tags.  Tags B-E respectively.  I need to calculate the average of TagA when OPEN when at least 1 of the other four tags is "FLAME".

So I tried 'TagA'="OPEN" and 'TagB'="FLAME" or 'TagC'="FLAME" or 'TagD'="FLAME" or 'TagE'="FLAME"

From that I got an impossibly high value.

I believe my syntax is incorrect.  How can I fix it so that it will do what I want?

Thank you.