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creating tables in PI Processbook and using PI Calculations

Question asked by JNHavers on Jul 21, 2017
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I am trying to create a table in PI Processbook. Until now I do it by drawing rectangles and arranging them so that it does look like a table. After that I add a text-field in every rectangle.

This is very time consuming. Is there a faster and maybe more elegant way to draw tables in PI Processbook?

The table is for comparing PI Tags with given specifications.


An other Problem that I have is, that I create PI-calculations in PI Processbook whoch work very good and always Show me the right results but These PI-calculations can't be reffered to when I create a new PI-calculation


'Feed' = (S + 3T)/2

'Loss' = ('Feed' - C)/20


How can I use a calculation within a calculation. Until now I can only use PI-Tags and have to create These calculations always from the beginning (that means: 'Loss' = ((S+3T)/2 - C)/20   ). The calculations in the example are simplyfied, for my real calculations there are a lot more tags and operations involved


Thank you for your help!!!