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Transform a number to a Date

Question asked by NoéAlvarado on Jul 28, 2017
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Hi all!

I need to get the value of a Date (20/07/2017 example) and a hour (10:33:00) that comes from the control system, but for some reason when I create the tags (One for date and one for hour) as string on PI SMT I get a "Bad Input" value. After a lot of tries we figured out that it will be better get the date as an Integer number (Coming from DCS) and then create a tag with that integer value on PI and then transform that integer value as a Date / Hour on a PI caltulated tag.

Excel can do this easily just  changing the format of a Date to number or changing the format of a Number to date. But I need to do this on PI tags.

Please can you help me with that?

King Regards.