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Event frames reconciliation after PI AF restart

Question asked by Andrius on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by Mike Zboray

Hi, I need clarification on how the event frame reconciliation works on PI AF Restart.

I have event-triggered event frame configured as following:

We are using notification rule with webservice delivery point to notify us about activated or deactivated condition. I need to better understand what happens during following scenario:

t0: Even started

t1: PI AF restarted

t2: Event ended


What i observe is: 

- at t0 the event frame is generated (lets call it ef1)

- at t1 (sometimes) another event frame is generated (lets call it ef2)

- at some point of time after t1 the ef2 looks is deleted


Questions are:

- Are there guidelines of how long the reconciliation process takes?

- Will PI AF always delete second event frame?

- is there possible circumstances there both event frames would remain open with either one of them not having end timestamp even after the logical closing of the event?

- Is there a possibility that PI AF would delete both events and create a new one instead?