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Forcing multiple tags in PI.

Question asked by apurvabakre on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by clonsberry

1) In PI System Management Tools, we can force values for a "tag" through "archive editor". But we can do that only one tag at a time. If I have, for example 500 or 1000 tags and I have to force each one of them, is there any possibility in PI or any script through which I can force multiple tags at a time. It becomes really tough to force these many tags one by one through "archive editor".

2) In PI System Management Tools, when we build a tag in "Point Builder", we set a certain "zero" & "span" value for each tag in the archive section of Point Builder. But the archive editor does allow us to force values outside the set range. Why does that happen?, as this does not seem an ideal condition to me.