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How to get an attribute value from a child element via substitution parameters?

Question asked by JanWortmann on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by skwan

In PI AF I want to create seperate pump and motor templates. In my plant hierarchy the motor shall be a child element of my pump. The motor shall have an attribute for the nominal power referenced via table lookup.

And now I like to transfer this attribute value from the motor to the pump via a substitution parameter in the pump template. The name of the motor element can be created from the pump element name via naming convention (e.g. pump: D10-P02 -> motor D10-PM02

I have already created an attribute in the pump that builds the string of the motor name. But up to now I am not able to create a working data reference with a substitution parameter.

My different trys look like this:

The pump template has an attribute template to receive the date from the motor as a formular: A=.\%@.|Motorname%|Power_Nominal;[A];UOM=kW

My idea was to insert the motor element name from the pump attribute "Motorname" in the formular string.

Do I have a wrong syntax, wrong data reference or is it just not possible?